No Equipment Total Body HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts have been getting a lot of attention these days and for good reasons! HIIT stands for ‘high-intensity interval training’, and it’s all about cycling between intense bursts of exercise and short periods of active rest.

New research now suggests that HIIT workouts may be especially beneficial for those trying to burn fat -specifically that stubborn, subcutaneous and abdominal fat which sits just underneath our skin. These studies also suggest that HIIT may help to promote insulin sensitivity and even regulate appetite (Boutcher, 2011). Sweet, right?

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Which Protein Powder is Right For You?

Protein powder supplements are a controversial topic in the wellness world these days. Many argue that protein powder can be an effective way to compliment an active lifestyle, contributing to faster recovery, building muscle or simply ensuring adequate intake (many studies also support this). However, criticizers say that the average American gets more than enough […]

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