4 Essential Supplements For Optimal Health


Supplements are one of the topics that people ask me about most frequently. Usually, it’s “should I be taking supplements? If so, which ones?” To this, I reply that in order to give the most accurate recommendation, a comprehensive assessment of lifestyle, diet and blood work by your doctor or nutritionist would paint the clearest picture. However, I do believe there are a handful of basic supplements that just about everyone can benefit from taking!

First, it’s important to note that getting your nutrients from food should always be the priority. Supplements can’t replace a healthy diet or cancel out a bad one.

So why supplement at all? Unfortunately, some things outside of our control may contribute to insufficient nutrient intake. For example, if you struggle with digestive issues or leaky gut, your body may have a harder time absorbing the nutrients you eat. Modern farming and supply chain practices have decreased the nutritional value of our food. This is also true for the mineral content of our water. Factors such as exercise, toxin exposure and even aging can all increase our body’s nutritional requirements. While it’s not impossible to get all the nutrition you need from food alone, utilizing supplements wisely can help cover your bases.

Below are my top picks for foundational supplements that provide a boost of critical nutrients and can help avoid common deficiencies.

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